Wellbeing and detox retreat opens in Scottish Highlands

An innovative wellbeing and detox retreat, The Body Toolkit, has opened in the Scottish Highlands.

The Body Toolkit retreats guide each guest through simple techniques and a nourishing juice detox diet to achieve long-term change. Katrina Mather, the owner of The Body Toolkit, has chosen to host the retreats in Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands creating an unforgettable break that leaves people with lasting results.

The centre runs all-inclusive detox programmes using a variety of simple techniques that enable people to make serious improvements to their health and quality of life. It addresses the physical aspect of health – with juicing, exercise in the outdoors and relaxation and focuses on the role of the mind in health by offering tools to combat stress, cravings and any negative beliefs that may stand in the way of achieving results.

Katrina Mather says, “The retreat is designed to support anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves. Even small changes to the way we treat the body and the way we think, can make dramatic differences to how we feel. My approach is about sharing tools to empower us all to claim a better level of health. And the peace and natural beauty of the Highlands makes the experience all the more rewarding and unforgettable.”

In the space of just six days, bodies become lighter and leaner, minds become calmer and spirits rise as an improved sense of wellbeing emerges. The most common results of the juice cleanse programme include increased and sustained energy, weight loss, lifting of depression, relief from aches and pains, improved complexion and improved quality of sleep.

At Garmoran Square on the west coast of Scotland, this is the first juice detox retreat in the Scottish Highlands. The purpose built, 4-star accommodation forms a courtyard, with the character and charm of an old highland steading from the outside, surrounded by nature, fresh air, wildlife, history and dramatic scenery.