WTTC stamp of approval for more countries

More destinations have signed up to the world’s first global safety and hygiene stamp, launched recently by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The latest list includes Aruba, Egypt, Panama, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Vienna.

WTTC designed the special Safe Travels stamp to enable travellers to identify destinations and businesses around the world that have adopted its health and hygiene global standardised protocols.

Gloria Guevara of WTTC says: “Major countries and destinations such as Egypt and Slovenia are joining the growing list of global destinations adopting our protocols. This not only shows the success of the WTTC Safe Travel stamp, but also demonstrates its importance to travellers and those who work in the sector.  The stamp is critical to re-establish consumer confidence and ensure travellers can rest assured that enhanced standards of hygiene are in place.”

As WTTC health and hygiene protocols, affecting hotels, restaurants, airports, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, outdoor shopping, and transportation are implemented, so the list of destinations recognising the new stamp continues to grow.

Since the launch of the WTTC Safe Travels stamp, destination countries and cities including Turkey, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Portugal, and the Mexican State of Jalisco, have adopted WTTC’s new protocols.