bablyon secures Chinese deal

babylon health has signed a deal with Chinese technology giant Tencent to use its Al system to deliver healthcare services in mainland China, including personal health assessments, treatment advice and individual health records.

The deal marks babylon’s entry into the Chinese Market, having grown its membership to 1.4 million people across Europe, Asia and Africa with its online medical advice services.

The London-based company says it is developing Al technology that has the potential to offer users accessible and affordable healthcare services.

Dr Ali Parsa, babylon’s chief executive, said: ‘Tencent is consistently striving to enhance the life of the people of China. In health, Tencent and babylon share the same ethos about making healthcare accessible for all. This is a partnership for babylon to work with one of the tech giants in China, to bring quality digital health service to Chinese people.’

Tencent has developed digital applications within healthcare and medial services in China, including tools such as Al. The company operates several digital social network platforms, including the instant messaging app WeChat which launched in 2011 and attracted more than 938 million monthly users from its first quarter in 2017.

Meng Zhang, general manager of Tencent Medical said: ‘Tencent is committed to improve our users’ lives through the means of digitalisation and technology. We have identified babylon as one of the leaders in this technology worldwide and aim to partner with them to put it into the hands of Chinese consumers. We look forward to the prospect of a highly successful and long-term partnership with babylon.’