Cancer tech specialist targets PMI providers with ‘cost-saving app’

Health tech company Onko has claimed that insurers using its app-based clinical oncology service could save £11,000 for every patient undergoing major surgery due to fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and better tolerance to treatments.

The platform uses interactive app and web-based technology to provide individually tailored health improvement programmes for people preparing for, undergoing and recovering from cancer treatment.

A small trial carried out with patients through a large insurer indicated a two-fold reduction in post-operative complications and a three-day reduction in post-operative hospital stays for patients using the service.

The company is also running a trial with the NHS, which it says has shown better tolerance to chemotherapy and a significant reduction in post-operative complications.

Onko co-founder Venetia Wynter-Blyth said: ‘Despite receiving cancer treatment, patients on the programme saw, on average, a 15% improvement in treatment tolerance, 44% improvement in complications and 53% improvement in quality of life.’

The company currently works directly with individuals, but it is actively speaking to private medical insurers and said the trials conducted to date show they can make savings of around £11,000 for every patient undergoing major cancer surgery.

Co-founder and cancer surgeon Krishna Moorthy said: ‘Onko not only benefits individual cancer patients, but it saves insurers significant sums of money by reducing complications and delivering better outcomes. That is why we are keen to work with health insurers, the NHS and individual patients – the more people who can access Onko, the better.’