Belarus health resorts bounce back

According to the National Centre for Recuperation and Health Resort Treatment, Belarusian health resorts and medical spas have had a good 2022. The resorts performed better than in 2021 across all indicators, and even better than in the pre-pandemic period across some indicators.

The average occupancy rate of sanatoriums this summer was 85-90%, comparable to 2019 when the number of vacationers reached 1.389 million.

Health resort revenue also grew. In 2021, total health resort and medical spa revenue was expected to make Br803 million (US$405 million). In 2019, the revenue was Br666 million(US$353 million).

Since 2020, Belarusian sanatoriums have been focusing mainly on the domestic market. Most offer qualified medical personnel, competitive prices, and a wide range of medical, diagnostic and additional services. Packages cover weekend getaways to comprehensive treatment programs for 14, 18, 21 days and or even longer.

The Centre believes that, at the end of 2022, the number of people who bought unsubsidised packages to medical spas and health resorts will exceed 600,000 people. In 2019, the number was 595,000.