Covid-19 safety badge for Bupa hospitals

Bupa UK insurance has introduced a Covid-19 safety badge so that customers can see which Bupa network hospitals and clinics comply with the UK guidance on infection control measures to prevent the spread of the virus and protect patients.

As lockdown restrictions come into force across the UK, the Government and health bodies have stressed their commitment to continuing non-elective surgery, and the importance for people to continue accessing healthcare.

To reassure customers that services are safe, Bupa invited all hospitals within its network to evidence that they are following the appropriate guidance for five key areas:

  • Hospital COVID-19 testing protocols
  • Patient pathways
  • Staff screening process
  • Remote consultation policy
  • Personal Protective Equipment policy

Anyone can check which facilities have confirmed they are meeting published national guidelines by looking-out for the Covid-19 safety badge on Bupa Finder, a free online directory of healthcare professionals and services.

James Sherwood, Bupa’s Director of Healthcare Management said: “Some of our customers tell us that they are anxious about going into hospital for treatment now so it is important that we give them clear information about what hospitals and clinics are doing to keep patients safe. These extra measures will reassure customers that providers in Bupa’s network adhere to the highest standards. We are urging customers not to sit on symptoms or put-off treatment during lockdown. Most consultants in our network have availability to see new patients face to face, or via phone or video.”