Czech spa offers cancer survivor programme

Woman at a spa resort

Cancer is the second cause of death across the Czech Republic. The Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad has launched a programme aiming to ease the cancer treatment recovery period, while at the same time increasing the mental and physical wellness of the patients.

In recognition that living with cancer takes an incredible physical and mental toll, Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad has launched its “Facing Forward!” programme.

The holistic programme delivers additional help for people struggling with recovery, by focusing on procedures that boost the immune system, promote physical recovery, and improve the mental state. Custom therapies can be applied following an initial evaluation.

The programme features 22 selected procedures that last for six nights and seven days, supervised by a team of specialists. Procedures such as therapeutic baths, intramuscular vitamin treatments, strengthening of the airways, lymphatic drainage, local cryotherapy, laser therapy, physio-therapeutic massages, individual physiotherapy, mindfulness sessions, forest therapy, Chi-Quong or Ai-Chi techniques are used to boost general wellness.

According to official statistics, the Czech Republic has the second-highest incidence of kidney cancer and the third highest of pancreatic cancer across Europe. Lung, breast, and prostate cancer incidence is also high among the country’s general population.