Greek tourism strategy includes health and wellness

The Tourism Ministry has a new 10-year strategy for reviving tourism to Greece, which includes health and wellness tourism. The aim is to focus on quality and attract higher income visitors.

To achieve this plan, Greece needs to develop a range of products aimed at high-income visitors, offering luxury accommodation at 5-star facilities and above.

Looking ahead to 2030, the plan focuses on actions that will enhance luxury tourism with emphasis on sustainable development and the promotion of genuine experiences for tourists, maintaining respect to local communities and the environment.

Within the long-term plan is a need to develop special interest products, such as silver tourism . To achieve this however, infrastructure upgrades must happen to allow senior travel to Greece.

These actions, says the Tourism Ministry, underline the importance of developing ‘thematic’ tourism as it will contribute greatly to a longer tourist season and to the development of non-tourist areas.

Health and wellness tourism in Greece

Key to the future is the development of spa, health and wellness tourism, which will open Greece to a wider group of people.

The required actions in the 10-year plan include certifying 12 thermal springs and the formulation of a special plan for the integration of natural springs in wellness and spa tourism, which already accounts for 6.5% of the tourism market.

Greece expects that the UK market will play a leading role in consolidating their goal of a year-round tourism season. The Tourism Ministry will promote Greek destinations, relatively unknown to the UK market, by cooperating with tour operators and travel agents.

Greece as a destination will be promoted through an annual advertising campaign to enhance brand awareness for industry professionals.