India’s private hospitals report international patient rise

After two years of pandemic medical tourism to India is again on the rise, according to both Fortis Hospitals and Apollo Hospitals.

Medical tourists are again going to New Delhi and elsewhere in India from Bangladesh, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Kenya.  Many seek cardiac surgical procedure, liver transplants, and kidney and bone marrow transplants.

According to Fortis Hospitals, foreign patients in 2019-2020 in the hospital were 45,000. These fell to 14,000 in 2020. January to September 2022 saw 17,000 patients.

The pattern of medical tourism has shifted post-pandemic. Delhi used to see many medical tourists from Afghanistan. Since the takeover by the Taliban, the number of patients has significantly decreased.

Due to visa issues, the number of patients from Turkmenistan has also reduced. Patients from Fiji and the Pacific islands are also limited due to the restricted number of flights.

Apollo Hospitals has said it is seeing the return of medical tourists for cancer treatment, orthopaedic surgery and organ transplants.