Indonesia: growing medical travel sector in Bali

Increasing numbers of health facilities and clinics are interested in providing medical tourism services, says the Bali Medical Tourism Association (BMTA).

According to the BMTA, 14 out of 72 hospitals and three clinics in Bali have provided medical tourism services.  Six of those are government-owned hospitals, and the rest are private hospitals.

Some government hospitals provide specialist services such as, Prof Ngoerah Hospital with cardiac services, Bali Mandara Eye Hospital for eyes, PTN Unud Hospital for infectious diseases, and Mangusada Badung Hospital for heart cancer.

Only three clinics so far have provided medical tourism services, including Dental 911 for teeth and Penta Medika Clinic, and 221 Assist Clinic for evacuation.

Five health facilities, especially cosmetic clinics, are applying to join BMTA as medical tourism service providers in Bali.