Malaysia shows how to deliver quality, accessibility and affordability in healthcare

Networking event for press and healthcare sector representatives at the King’s Fund in London on Thursday 17th September 6:00pm

At a press and networking reception at the King’s Fund, London, on Thursday 17th September, Malaysia, the IMTJ Medical Travel Destination of the Year 2015, demonstrated how a government funded and coordinated approach has enabled the country to lead the way in the delivery of healthcare to international patients.

Through the efforts of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), Malaysia has established itself as a leading destination for international patients and medical tourists, and provides a shining example of how hospitals, clinics, doctors and government bodies can work together to build a strong brand in international healthcare and deliver an end to end service for inbound international patients.

Having become a focal point for medical travel in Asia, Malaysia is now looking further afield to generate income for its healthcare sector. Indonesia, India, UK, Australia and China represent its main source markets for patients. The destination has seen a 21% growth in patient numbers over the last four years, and delivered healthcare to 840,000 international patients in 2014.

Accessibility, affordability and quality are its driving force. 41 of its 268 private hospitals have received International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) approved accreditation standards; these “elite” hospitals are the focus of its international healthcare expertise. Low costs of labour and capital mean that Western standards of healthcare can be delivered at significant cost saving.

CEO of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, Sherene Azura Azli, comments:
“Malaysia has become the number one medical travel destination in Asia through our focus on delivering an outstanding patient experience . We now want to share that experience with patients from around the globe and become the number one medical travel destination in the world”.

Chairman of the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards judging panel and Managing Editor of IMTJ, Keith Pollard, says:
“Malaysia exemplifies the way that international patient services industry should be delivered – professional, offering exceptional patient care and providing the best possible medical outcomes.”

The content of the MHTC presentation from Thursday’s event can be downloaded here