Medical travel for Wheels Up members

USA based Wheels Up, a provider of on-demand private aviation in the United States, and AirMed, an international medical transport group, have a new partnership offering medical travel services to Wheels Up members and their families.

Wheels Up will become AirMed’s exclusive aviation partner and will introduce an all-new membership tier with an enhanced product from AirMed that will cover members – and up to 11 additional designated travellers – in the event they require medical consultation or air medical transport while travelling.

The program will provide 24-hour access to AirMed’s customised fleet and qualified air medical crews in the event medical transport is required any time the member travels more than 150 miles from home.

Wheels Up and AirMed will also offer a COVID-19 benefit to provide air medical transport in the event of a confirmed and eligible diagnosis. Programme participants will also have access to the Wheels Up marketplace for flights for all their travel needs.

AirMed delivers air medical transportation and patient care services and has completed 20,000 missions across 250 locations in more than 150 countries. They work closely with a number of major medical institutions including the Mayo Clinic.

Wheels Up offers private aviation solutions with a network of 1,500 private aircraft across four continents. It claims to be the largest on-demand private aviation company in the United States. Wheels Up serves 13,000 members and on-demand fliers.