MediCzech to offer quality medical treatment in the Czech Republic to the UK market

MediCzech, a brand of Progress Medical, will start offering its services in the UK as of 1 March 2011. Initially, complex bariatric treatments and aesthetic surgery will be available; later, other surgical treatments will be added, including orthopaedic and cardio surgeries, dental treatments and assisted reproduction procedures.

The treatments will be available at carefully selected premium private clinics in the Czech Republic. As an EU member state since 2004, the Czech Republic continues to grow as a preferred destination for medical tourism. With a long tradition of high quality medical care, rigorous regulations governing surgical qualifications and the adopted ?German model? of healthcare system, the country has become a very interesting alternative for many patients. Leveraging on its lower input costs, the Czech Republic can offer top quality medical treatment combined with a high level of patient safety at very competitive pricing. The total costs of the operations MediCzech is offering, inclusive of transportation and accommodation costs, are typically around 50% of the UK private care pricing level.

In order to offer a true alternative to existing providers in the field of medical tourism, MediCzech is building a variety of partnerships in the UK. This is done with a view to packaging attractive pricing with quality pre-operative and post-operative care in the UK. This is especially the case for bariatric operations, where the operation itself is only one element of a successful treatment. ?A change in lifestyle and dietary habits, combined with access to medical consultations throughout the entire treatment, are as important as the actual surgery,? says Professor Martin Fried, head of the clinic in Prague which provides bariatric surgery in the Czech Republic. MediCzech will therefore offer pre-operative consultations and post-operative care at partner clinics in Harley Street, London, and, at a later stage, in other towns across the United Kingdom as well.

One of the partnerships already entered into by MediCzech is with Jenny Lyndley of Let?s Face it Together. Jenny has been involved in medical tourism for almost two decades and will offer to some of her customers treatment in the Czech Republic in association with MediCzech. ?I have personally inspected the facilities in the Czech Republic prior to an agreement to offer it to my customers, and I am very confident that the quality offered is of the utmost importance to the entire MediCzech team,? says Jenny Lyndley of her cooperation with MediCzech.

One of the principal qualities MediCzech is committed to delivering to its UK customers is the full range of services in the Czech Republic. Every customer is allocated a ?relationship manager? who accompanies them throughout their stay in the Czech Republic ? from the moment of arrival, through their treatment, right up until the moment of departure back to the UK. Prague is less than 2 hours? flight from the UK and flights are available several times a day.