Singapore: a leading urban wellness haven

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has entered into a one-year partnership with global fitness and wellness aggregator ClassPass to jointly promote Singapore’s wellness offerings and enhance the city’s attractiveness as an urban wellness destination.

With rising interest and demand for wellness products and services both locally and internationally, Singapore is looking to offer accessible and innovative wellness experiences for  locals and visitors alike.

The ClassPass partnership aims to provide health businesses with a global platform to share their offerings with local and international audiences, while raising awareness for wellness in Singapore.

In early 2022, ClassPass and STB will launch a domestic campaign to encourage locals to participate in wellness activities through the ClassPass platform. ClassPass will launch challenges that reward participants when they book a variety of wellness experiences on the ClassPass platform.

ClassPass and STB will develop video content that will be featured across the social media channels of both organisations. The first series will highlight wellness offerings within different Singapore neighbourhoods, while a second series will spotlight innovative wellness businesses on the ClassPass platform.

As Singapore prepares to reopen its borders, the partnership will also showcase Singapore’s wellness offerings through engaging content for international visitors.

ClassPass and STB will also work together to expand the inventory on ClassPass to include a broader range of wellness experiences, ranging from complementary health therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, to wellness-related attraction tickets and mental wellness services such as personal coaching and sound healing therapy.