300,000 per year claims health minister

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, recently claimed that the number of foreign nationals traveling to Iran to receive medical care has “increased tenfold over the past decade to reach 300,000 annually”. He gave no source for this claim.

The Deputy Health Minister apparently made the announcement at the Second Economic Cooperation Organization Conference and Exhibition on Health Tourism held in Ardabil. Noting that the main sources of health tourists to Iran are Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, Harirchi said Iran has set its sights on becoming the region’s medical tourism hub.

IMTJ was the International Media partner of the conference, and Regional Manager Maria Georga was the keynote international speaker at the Strategy development workshop.

Despite recent negative publicity surrounding global politics and Iran, attendance at the event by the country’s healthcare providers was high and there was an overall determination to prove that Iran offers quality medical, health and wellness services. The event was organised by the International Healthcare Association of Iran and the Iran Health Tourism Development Association.

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