American Hospital Dubai to attract more international patients

The American Hospital, Dubai has advanced centres of excellence in oncology and rehabilitation along with several facilities for gynaecology, paediatrics, urology, endocrinology and wellness. The JCI accredited hospital is looking to expand its international patient business.

The hospital intends to expand its AI applications, explore nanotechnology applications roved, and start satellite clinics for more effective and affordable health care delivery.

It has an oncology centre that offers chemo, radio, surgical and immunotherapy services. By June 2020 it will start an oncology centre of excellence that will be dedicated to diagnosing and treating all kinds of paediatric and adult cancers.

It recently introduced robotic surgery and became the first private hospital in Dubai to introduce the da Vince XI robot in the UAE. Robotic surgery is carried out in general surgery, urology and gynaecology. It is about precision and speed, and the patient’s length of stay in hospital is reduced, as is surgical site infection.

The hospital has outreach facilities in China, Nigeria, Kuwait and Pakistan. In Nigeria, it has set up an office for medical tourism and intends to bring in patients from East Africa through that office. It will adopt the same strategy for other countries in South East Asia and tap into the market there.

It plans to start several satellite clinics in Dubai that will cater to patients and provide services closer to home. The first three clinics, in Khawaneej, Dubai Hills and the Mira will open between April-September 2020. The satellite clinics will be connected to the main hospital. Patients seen at these clinics will be referred to the hospital in case of an emergency or advanced treatment requirement such as surgery or oncology or rehabilitation. The purpose behind these satellite clinics is to make healthcare more accessible to local people.