Country-by-country log of travel restrictions

Over the last three months we’ve scanned the global announcements and created a country-by-country log of the decisions being made on restrictions to travel, testing and businesses.  All over the world, borders are now opening but the situation is increasingly fluid, with countries rapidly changing plans on dates, tests and quarantine requirements. While the main movement is to open, traffic light systems mean that countries that were allowed in can again be banned on a daily basis, either for all the country or certain regions.  Given this complexity we have decided to stop updating this separate log, as of 16 June, and will cover future announcements where they relate to medical travel in our news stories and Country Profiles.

The European Commission (EC) has recommended that Schengen Member States and Schengen Associated States resume most inter-EU travel and plan to open borders globally from I July. However, each country has its own rules on which countries it will accept, who has to test, and who has to quarantine. Some have set up systems that change those rules weekly.

The EC has launched Re-open EU, a web platform to support a safe relaunch of travelling and tourism across Europe. It will provide real-time information on borders and available means of transport and tourism services in Member States. Re-open EU will also include practical information provided by Member States on travel restrictions, public health and safety measures such as on physical distancing or wearing of facemasks, as well as other useful information on EU and national tourism offers. This will allow Europeans to take responsible and well-informed decisions on how to manage continuing risks related to Coronavirus while planning their travels.